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my internet crashed, and this was the last post that showed up…


don’t leak nudes

leak the avengers: age of ultron trailer


Can we all just take a moment and appreciate Deadpool



let me just tell you briefly about these amazing camera shots and their symbolism:

shot #1: Thor and Loki as kids are equal with their father almost out of reach for the both of them (his face is out of the shot) - though they are standing next to each other, still Odin is the one separating them.

shot #2: Odin still separates them,thy still are inferior, even though they both have grown to match him (you see Odin fully). However while Loki faces him (yearning to live up to his father’s expectations), it it him Odin shows his back, while his left shoulder is pointed to Thor his true son and only heir, who is not able to look at his father due to his conflict towards him. The brothers now start to turn their backs on each other: the beginning of their paths parting.

in case you thought there weren’t enough reasons for this movie to make me cry like a fucking child.


me: I’m sad.

me: *puts on Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack*

me: I’m not sad anymore.


A story about nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things. (insp. [x] [x])


taking a break from babysitting steve xoxo

I want a film entirely about Nat and younger Peggy who hit it off and meanwhile save America

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